Camp Policies and Rules

Camp Policies and Rules

Follow the Scout Oath and Law


Unless otherwise posted, the camp speed limit is 15mph. In some places, speed limit is as low as 5mph. Each passenger must have a seatbelt. No passengers are allowed in the back of open vehicles. All vehicles are to remain on the road or in designated parking areas. Personal snowmobiles and ATVs are not allowed in camp. Remember you share the road with Scouts and wildlife..

Mountain Bikes

Due to the nature of our roads and trails, only mountain or fat tire bikes can be used. Industry approved helmets must always be worn. Riders must follow all posted signs, not exceed speed limits and stick to roads or approved trails. Be courteous by riding on the right side of the road and announcing your presence as you approach pedestrians. Please let onsite camp personell know you're planning on biking upon arrival so they can cover camp specific bike rules.

Fires and Chemical Fuels

Campfires are to be built only in designated rings and be attended at all times. Firewood is not to be brought into camp unless purchased from a DNR certified vendor. 

Chemical fuels may not be used to start fires and liquid fuels/propane may only be used under direct adult supervision. Open flames are prohibited in tents. Portable gas/propane stoves may not be used in buildings.

Leadership and buddy System

All units must follow youth protection guidelines with at least two adult leaders in camp at all times. Youth should utilize buddy system while in camp.


Please conserve our natural resources. Standing brush or timber is not to be cut without approval of the Camp Ranger. Use camp toilets and latrines properly; do not dispose of garbage, cans, wash water, etc. in these facilities. Conservation projects must have approval of Ranger or Caretaker..


Help keep camp clean by separating garbage and recyclables and placing both in appropriate containers in designated areas.

Firearms and Archery Equipment

Firearms and archery equipment are available at most camps for unit activities. Personal firearms, ammunition and archery equipment may not be brought into camp.


These areas may only be used under the supervision of leaders specifically trained in the operation of the program facilities. Contact the Ranger, Caretaker, or campmaster to learn more.

Personal Conduct

Please respect the private property of our neighbors and other units in camp. Be courteous to others by respecting quiet hours between 10:00pm and 7:00am.


Determine the location of natural and manmade hazards (e.g. bluffs) and stay away from them. Do not enter areas marked by closed fencing or caution tape.


Pets are not allowed in camp.


All buildings are smoke-free. Smokers please smoke outdoors in an area away from youth.

Alcohols and Unlawful Drugs are not Allowed at Camp

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Camp Policies and Rules

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