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Van Krevelen

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Located at the very end of the trail on the lower level of camp, Van Krevelen is surrounded by both trees and open spaces. This location is ideal for pitching a tent. It has a standard open floor plan that is perfect for sleeping and large group activities. Along with the main door entrance there is a large garage door that opens onto a spacious front porch for added activity space and ventilation. Van Krevelen is an excellent shelter for groups that are looking for an outdoor adventure with indoor space in case of inclement weather. It is the perfect out-of-the-way cabin choice for a group that is looking to hike in and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Potential Uses

General Camping

Scout Fees

$90 for a weekend, plus $5 per person


Sleeps 24

Special Features

Standard open floor plan, sleeping on the floor

Restroom Facilities

Nearby latrine

Cooking Facilities

2 Burner Hotplate



Distance from Parking

2640 feet

Unload at Building Site


What's Nearby?

Good Medicine

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    This rustic, lower level, multi-room cabin has plenty of historic charm. It was the first cabin built on the Fred C. Andersen property. You will enjoy the sleeping loft and large, cozy fireplace in this one of a kind cabin. If your group is looking for a unique, out-of-the-way camping experience, Good Medicine is the place for you.

  • Swanson Lodge

    Swanson Lodge is the newest cabin at Fred C. Andersen Camp. It is a spacious two-level lodge built on the upper level of camp. It features an outdoor deck and a large meeting room complete with computer hookups and a TV with a DVD player. Additionally, it has a large kitchen, two separate bunk rooms, and bathrooms complete with showers. Swanson Lodge is the perfect location to hold your large group camp out, electronics weekend, or your units holiday gathering with all of the comforts of home.

  • Training Building

    The Training Building is located on the lower level of camp near Adirondacks 1-6. It is a one level, multi-room facility with a common meeting space, a kitchen, two bathrooms complete with showers, and a separate sleeping room. The Training Building is the perfect rental if you are looking for a multi-functional building to host your units holiday gathering, committee meeting, or a casual electronics weekend.

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