Preparing for Winter Camping

Preparing for Winter Camping

Before Arrival Do the Following:

1. Have each camper watch the Winter Camping Principles Video before arrival. This video can be found on the bottom of this page. This will review safety rules, first aid, cold weather basics, and review the gear you need to bring and what we provide.

Winter Orientation Presentation

2. Gear Requests Online: Complete all roster and gear request information for all participants in your registration. This can be found by clicking the “update information” button next to each Scout’s name in your registration. Please update all this information no later than the Thursday your Login into your registration and check for the following:

  • Name
  • Grade
  • Allergies and any other medical officer notes
    • We provide vegetarian, gluten free, peanut free, and dairy free food options.
  • Dietary Restrictions (we accommodate Peanut free, gluten free, dairy free and religious substitutions)
  • Gear requests
    • Boots (Men’s sizes 6-17)
    • Wool Pants (Waist size 30-40)
    • Hat Balaclava (neck/face warmer)
    • Wool/Fleece Sweater
    • Liner Gloves
    • Mittens
    • Wool Socks
    • Wicking Socks

3. If attending the Spearhead or Expedition Program complete the Activity Request Online Form

              4. Review the packing list with all your Scouts. Reminder: No cotton on trail. Cotton is rotten.  These can be found in the Documents area on this page.

5. Everyone attending will need to bring a face covering for each day they will be on the property.  

Forms to Have Ready before you go

When you arrive to camp:

  1. Please plan to arrive at the same time as other Scouts and Leaders from your unit.
  2. When you arrive at camp you will be greeted in the parking area or at the gate by a staff member.
  3. Please put on a face covering before rolling down your window to address staff at parking lot or gate.
  4. Have a Health Screening Checklist completed for each individual in the car (even if they are not planning on staying). You will hand these forms to a staff member before you will be allowed to proceed with check-in.

Check-in/Gear Pick up/Changing

  • You will be introduced to your staff guide in the parking lot. One adult will be directed to check in with the Program Director to hand in Health Forms (Parts A&B) and verify your roster.
  • Your guide will give each camper a bag with your pre-ordered gear and direct you to a changing room.
  • Please come to camp with your wicking layer (base layer) on. This will help with an efficient check-in.
  • With face covering on you will go to a changing room to put on your gear.
  • Once your winter gear is on go back outside and check in with your staff guide.

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