Service Weekends

Service Weekends

maintain, repair and improve the facilities

Service weekends are organized events where we maintain, repair and improve the facilities and grounds of our camp properties.

Why should I Volunteer at a Service Weekend?

We need everyone's help to keep our camps ready for kids and parents. This is your chance to share your skills and build friendships and give back.

How Often?

Service weekends are offered throughout the year but most are offered over the spring and fall as we prepare to open or close our summer activities. We often have special projects where we need skilled volunteers to assist in getting the project done to meet a deadline. You would be under no obligation to come every time or to every property.

What type of skills are needed?

All Skills. Seriously. We need people who can pound a hammer, operate power tools, move furniture, wash windows, saw trees and more. Bring your work clothes, gloves, cheerful service, tools, tent camping gear, health form and an appetite.

Where will I Stay/Eat/Get out of a Service weekend?

If overnight accommodations are needed for the service weekend, you will be provided indoor housing, bunk style sleeping facilities, running water and even a warm meal.

How do I Get Involved?

Keep an eye open for Service Weekend call outs in the Navigator or eNavigator Northern Star Council monthly newsletter. Some service weekends require pre-registraiton so a link may be provided; others are a shout out to 'All Hands on Deck' for a special camp project. If interested and there isn't anything posted, contact us and we can put you on a 'call list'.

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Service Weekends

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