Ski Hills

Afton, Trollhaugen, Powder Ridge

Why not plan a winter camping trip in a cozy cabin at one of our properties and head to the local ski resort for a day of activity? Your very own vacation ready for your reservation.


Afton Alps proves to be epic skiing! It is located near Kiwanis Scout Camp and a bit further down the road you will find Phillippo Scout Camp.

Trollhaugen even has tubing for those not ready to strap on the skis! It is located near Kiwanis Scout Camp, Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp is a hop skip and jump away.

Powder Ridge kicks it up a notch with laser light tubing! Best of all it is Stearns Scout Camp's backyard.


Cub and Scouts BSA Scouts alike can join in the fun. A Cub Scout has the opportunity to earn Snow Ski and Board Sports belt loop and sports pin. Scout BSA members could have the opportunity to earn Snow Sports Merit Badge.


The ski and lodging package fees will depend on what type of adventure you set out to achieve and how long you plan to stay.


Weekends November - March is the opportune time to hit the hills.


Visit our weekend camping reservation tab to book your lodging and then head to the ski resort websites to plan your adventure.

You'll cook your own food, bring your personal gear and you will have the opportunity to rent skis or snowboards or bring your own. Tubes are included in the price of your lift ticket.

Don't forget to pack the s'mores when you settle back in at camp with a nice campfire.


Ski Hills