Night Hike

A Walk in the Dark

The familiar old trail that you've hiked dozens of times is suddenly new; it's like exploring all over again, and even a short hike can be thrilling at night. Depth perception becomes a guessing game and a whole new set of animals come out to play.


The more the merrier! Nothing like having a few friends along to bolster your courage as you take a leap into the dark. The key is to stick together and come back with the same amount of people you left with.

What an inexpensive way to incorporate a fun activity into the evening and get a little exercise to boot.


You don't necessarily need a headlamp, but should carry a good light source along. What good Scout doesn't have a flashlight? A map and compass is always a plus and don't forget your comfortable hiking boots.

Rain or shine, any nightfall will be a great backdrop for your hike.

Night Hike