Our Influence Builds Character

If you're looking for a great opportunity to connect with kids, grow skills and build lifelong friendships then we want you as part of our camp staff.

What Opportunities exist?

We're always looking for good people to join our team. Choose from hourly, weekend, and full week options for seasonal spots in the Summer, Fall, and Winter. We accept applications any time of the year, though we ask that you shoot us an email if you apply mid-summer for that summer camp season as we will otherwise assume you are applying for the next camp season.

What Can I expect?

  • An opportunity to make a difference
  • Life-long friendships
  • Quality Training
  • Competitive Wages
  • Housing and meals (summer camp only)
  • A scholarship for those in a post-secondary school program (summer camp only)
  • Skills to help you stand out to future employers

How Do I Apply?

The minimum age requirement for employment is 15 at Cub Scout Camps which includes the Arrow of Light Camp at Tomahawk. The age requirement for the Scouts BSA Camps at Many Point and Tomahawk is 16.

We accept applications throughout the year. For summer camp, our largest seasonal opportunity, we encourage you to apply by December 1st as interviews begin in December.

Summer Staff Application 

Fall/Winter Staff Application

Not Old Enough Yet?

Candidates that are 14 years of age (15 at Many Point and Tomahawk) may apply to be unpaid Counselors In Training.

The Counselor in Training (CIT) program is offered to help build up the leadership and teaching skills to be a great camp staffer. As a sort of camp staff "lite", this is a great training opportunity with a much smaller time commitment (3 - 5 weeks, depending on program, compared to the normal 9-10 weeks).

Sign Up to be a CIT at Kiwanis or Phillippo

Sign Up to be a CIT at Many Point

Sign Up to be a CIT at Tomahawk

What is the deal with that Scholarship?

Summer camp staff who complete a full season may apply for Andersen Camp Staff Scholarships. These scholarships are provided by Northern Star Council to help students better afford to serve on camp staff while they are in a post secondary school program. To help sweeten the deal, they increase in value for every full summer camp season you work at camp. 

Full-Time And Non-Seasonal Council Positions

Camp is only one piece of our overall operation. At the Council Office in Fort Snelling, MN, we have more opportunities available including full-time positions and non-seasonal hourly and part-time positions. Interested in seeing what is currently open? Click the button below.

Council Job Board

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