Winter Weather Policies

Guidelines for Program Changes Due to Severe Winter Weather

  1. The following conditions will be evaluated when making the decision to alter camp programming due to severe winter weather.
    • Heavy snowfall that could impact safe travel conditions to or within camp.
    • Icy or slippery road conditions that could impact safe travel to camp.
    • Extreme cold: Cub programs will typically not operate if the forecast temperature is 25 degrees below zero (with or without windchill).
  2. Decisions for closing camps or altering programs will be made by the Director of Camping and Properties or the Camp Director. Be aware that programs may be modified (and still operated) based on severe cold weather conditions. Closings will be communicated via email and/or the weather hotline (612) 261–2448.
  3. Most often, we will not close the camps.
  4. When camps are officially closed, fees will either be transferred to another session within the program or refunded.
  5. It is not our intent to second-guess the judgment of a unit leader. If Northern Star Council Camps do not officially close, the Director of Camping may approve transferring fees paid by a unit to another weekend or event if the unit leader determines conditions to be unsafe for travel to camp AND if they notify the council office (before camp starts) that they will not be able to attend camp.
  6. Please direct any questions for transfers (in writing) to: Camping Department, 6202 Bloomington Rd, Fort Snelling MN 55111. Thank you.

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