Bounce Pillow


Bounce Pillow

Get Your Jump On

Jumping might be a simple activity but on our giant bounce pillows, it's so much fun! Kids (and adults) stay happy and entertained while jumping with their friends on a colorful, inflatable pillow. And it's good exercise too.

What's A Bounce Pillow?

Only the most favorite thing at our Cub Camps! Think of a giant bouncy house that's built into the ground. More fun (and safer) than a trampoline.

Who can go on the Bounce Pillow?

Almost anyone can go on. You must be in good health and can handle a lot of jumping. It's open to both kids and adults to jump, get some exercise, or just forget all their worries and have fun!


The bounce pillow is completely free and ready to go at many of our Cub Scout events.

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Bounce Pillow

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