Night Life

Discover your first "wow" moment while star gazing at one of our camps, away from city lights. Stargazing is a great thing to do with family and friends.

Who can participate?

Astronomy is a science that just about anybody can do, no matter what your experience level is.

Sounds like an expensive hobby?

The cost to get involved can be as little as nothing, you can see a really long ways with your naked eye. You can also purchase an inexpensive telescope or even binoculars.

How to Start

Evenings work great but morning can provide a site to see as well!

Consider a weekend getaway to camp at one of our properties and set aside an hour late Saturday and/or early Sunday to view the planets.

Ready to Give It a Try

Plot out what you are seeking to find in the night sky ahead of time with your group, Google can be a great search engine with many tips and tricks, book your reservation online to camp at any of our weekend properties.

Each time you step outside to look at the sky, you find something new. You can learn something you didn’t know before. You broaden your horizons. And, the sky keeps you coming back for more.

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