Spike One Over the Net

Bump, Set, and Spike your way into a great day!

Who can play Volleyball?

Volleyball is great for all ages. It can be played with as few and as many people as you'd like.


Volleyball is free! We even have the equipment needed at many of our camps.


Volleyball can be played year round - however it's most enjoyable during the warmer months.


Either bring your own ball to camp or check one out from the campmaster. Head to the nets and have a great game! You might even make some new friends (enemeies?) at the court. Challenge them to a game!

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Available at These Camps

Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp

Kiwanis Scout Camp

Many Point Scout Camp

Phillippo Scout Reservation

Rum River Scout Camp

Stearns Scout Camp

Tomahawk Scout Reservation

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