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Why go Shotgun Shooting?

Shotgun shooting at camp can be the highlight of your weekend. It's an opportunity to sharpen a skill or try out a new lifelong hobby.

Who can do it?

Shotgun shooting is for Boy Scouts and Venturing Scouts. Cub Scouts can look forward to it when the cross over into Boy Scouting.


Reserving a shotgun range at our camps is free when making your weekend lodging reservation. Ammunition costs $1.25 per 3 shots.

When can we go shooting?

Ranges can be reserved year round at our properties. However, you should know they are all outdoor facilities, and it can be a little chilly!

What do I need to be able to shoot?

To use any range in the BSA, each unit needs to follow the guidelines in the shooting sports manual. The camp ranges are inspected annually and accredited for safety. Your unit needs to provide two volunteer leaders, one range instructor and one range safety officer.


What if we don't have any trained leaders?
Try asking around in your district to ask for another unit's trained leaders. Consider taking a course from the NRA, or finding volunteer unit leaders to take the course.

Can we bring our own firearms or ammunition?
No, it is against BSA policy. Our firearms are inspected annually and we supply the appropriate, safe ammunition for our firearms.

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