Challenge Course


Challenge Course

Grow as a team and as individuals

Grow as a team and as individuals with our low challenge courses!

Real Challenges!

Our Low Ropes courses consist of real and imaginary obstacles designed to challenges groups and individuals to work as a team and accomplish a goal. These courses have a number educational, developmental, and recreational tasks making it more than just a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon at camp.

Types of Challenges

  • Ice-Breakers: Fun activities designed to break down barriers
  • Group Initiative: Problems involving real and imaginary ground-based obstacles that force the group to work together to succeed.
  • Trust-Building games: Activities designed to provide teamates the opportunity to demonstrate their trust in other members of the group

Where to Go

We have challenges courses at Stearns, Phillippo, and Kiwanis. Try the challenges courses at our Boy Scout Summer Camps for the next level of difficulty.

How to Participate

We recommend having at least one COPE certified adult leader. The certification course is an opportunity to learn challenge course activities and games to make your experience more valuable. At camp, let the campmaster know that you are planning to use the course. If you plan on using a High Ropes Course, you will need to reserve it before your campout.

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Challenge Course

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