Maps and Compass


Maps and Compass

Find your way at our camps

Learn a skill everyone is drawn to. You could even say it's magentic. Map and compass is a key skill if you plan to do any backpacking, hiking, or paddling. You can't always rely on batteries lasting your entire trip. Compasses align with Earth's magnetic field -- no batteries here!

At our camps you can practice with maps and compasses before you go into the wilderness. We have kits wilth all the needed supplies.

Who can do it?

Maps and compass skills can be learned at all ages.


The use of map and compass kits is free for anyone staying at camp. If you have a reservation you can use our supplies.

When can you do it?

Map and compass can be done any season, rain or shine, snow or in 90 degrees.

How do you get the supplies?

First make a reservation for campsite or cabin at anyone or our amazing camps. Second, at check in ask for a map and compass kit. The volunteer campmaster or the camp ranger will tell you when and where you can pick it up. Third, return the kit with all items to the campmaster or camp ranger when you are finished.

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Maps and Compass

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