Stay on top with snowshoes

Don't let get winter get you down. When the snow is deep let our camps keep you up with snowshoes. Snowshoes go on your boots and spread your weight out to prevent sinking. In the fall, spring, and summer we say "stick to the trails", but when snow deep enough to snowshoe in covers the ground we say "explore everywhere!" Hike straight the the woods, explore remote areas of camp, and enjoy the serenity of winter our camps provide.

Who can do it?

We recommend snowshoeing to 3rd graders and above. Younger participants might find using the snowshoes difficult.


Snowshoes are free for anyone staying at camp. If you have a reservation, you can use our supplies.

When can you do it?

Snowshoeing should only be done in 8+ inches of snow. Any less than that and you'll find walking without them easier.

How do you get the supplies?

First make a reservation for campsite or cabin at anyone or our amazing camps. Second, at check-in let the volunteer campmaster or the camp ranger know you're interested in using them. They'll tell you when and where you can pick the snowshoes up. Third, return the snowshoes to the campmaster or camp ranger when you're done with them.

Do I need special boots?

Snowshoes are, for the most part, universally compatible with any type of winter boot. Straps are adjustable.

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Available at These Camps

Kiwanis Scout Camp

Phillippo Scout Reservation

Rum River Scout Camp

Stearns Scout Camp

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Snow Base

Weekend Camping

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