Pedal Carts


Pedal Carts

Who wants to race?

Ever wonder what it would be like to drive a go kart where you are the motor? The suspense is over my friends because pedal karts are your answer. These cool four-wheeled vehicles are pedaled like a bike in order to zoom you forward! All the fun of a go kart but with the health benefits of camp!

Who can participate?

All kids and adults who are able to reach the pedals can be kart racers.

Do I get free miles with my rental?

For sure. Better yet, like most things at camp, pedal karts are free to use as part of your program.

When can I fulfill my need for speed?

Our friendly camp pit crew uses the winter to maintain and fix karts. So, the track is only open from early summer through mid fall.

How do I get in the driver's seat?

Leave your driver's license at home because a good attitude is the only requirement here. Pedal karts are part of the regular fun at council events like Fall Day Camp, Spookyree and Cub Scout Summer Camp. Contact the camp ranger if you're interested in use for other special events.

How do I old need to be able to enjoy the ride?

With two sizes of karts we can have drivers as young as 5 and as old as 101! Any older and we worry about road rage!

Do I need to bring my own helmet?

We provide all the gear but we encourage you to bring a camera to capture the smile on your last victory lap.

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Pedal Carts

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