Creative Things to Do

Here are some of the cool, crafty, things to do at our camps

  • Dutch Oven Cooking
  • Sharpening Stones
  • Star Charts
  • Leather Work

What Else Can We Do?

Bring your scrapbooking club, reserve one of our serve-safe kitchen buildings, and schedule your holiday cookie bake exchange. There's no end to what you could do at any of our camps.

Items for Checkout

Items available for checkout include, axes, bow saws, hand axe, hand tools, pocket knife, Patrol Kits for cooking and many others. Ask about availability with the Camp Ranger, Program Staff or Campmaster on duty.

Related Activities


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Available at These Camps

Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp

Kiwanis Scout Camp

Many Point Scout Camp

Phillippo Scout Reservation

Rum River Scout Camp

Stearns Scout Camp

Tomahawk Scout Reservation

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Family Adventure at Scouts BSA Camp

Family Camp

Polar Cubs


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