Nature Trail


Nature Trail

See Plants and Animals

Whether you're an expert plant identifier, or you just want to spend some time outdoors, our camps are the perfect place to go on a nature hike! Feed your sense of wonder and awe while walking on our well-kept and extensive trails around camp. Keep an eye out for some of our frequent visitors such as bald eagles, white tail deer and painted turtles!

When are the trails open?

All year! Our environment is constantly changing with the seasons so there are new things to look at all year round! Our Nature Trails are even open after the sun goes down. Night hikes bring out a whole new variety of animals such as owls, bats, and fire flies!

Where do I find the trails?

Check out our camp maps or ask the Camp Master when you check in! You can even plan your own route with existing trails around camp, the possibilities are nearly endless!

What kind of bird is that?

If you're interested in doing some animal or plant identification while on your hike - check in with the Camp Master and ask to borrow some field guide books. You can also download some cool apps on your phone that help you identify species and even find constellations in the night sky! Some of our favorites are:

  • Audubon Bird Guide
  • National Geographic Birds
  • Leafsnap
  • Star Guide

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Nature Trail

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