Canoe Rental


Canoe Rental

Canoes, paddles, life jackets, and canoe trailers

Where can we use canoes?

Canoes can be used on water ways adjacent to camp

Most campers to use the canoes and canoe trailers on waterways near the camp they are renting them from. Some campers use them for use in the boundary waters or other distant paddling trips. The Minnesota and Wisconsin DNR maintain a list of routes and destinations to paddle. We recommend using these routes because they are managed, have designated campsites, and maps to guide your way.

Where can I rent the canoes and canoe trailers from?

  • Stearns (canoes only)
  • Rum River
  • Phillippo
  • Fred C. Andersen
  • Kiwanis

What are the costs?

  • Canoe rental is $15 per canoe per day. If renting a canoe for 6 days or more, please call the office to get your special pricing.
  • Canoe trailer rental is $25 per day. When renting a trailer the unit needs to rent at least half of the trailer full of canoes, to insure there are enough trailers for others that need canoes. **Trailers hold up to 6 canoes.

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Canoe Rental

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Available at These Camps

Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp

Kiwanis Scout Camp

Phillippo Scout Reservation

Rum River Scout Camp

Stearns Scout Camp

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