Cross Country Skiiing


Cross Country Skiiing

Explore Winter on Skis

Winter in Minnesota brings scenic snowy landscapes and fresh, crisp air. It's the perfect setting for cross country skiing. It's also a great way to explore the trails in our camps.

Who can participate?

We're looking for the next big skiing super star so skiers of all abilities and sizes are welcome.

Do I need a lift ticket?

No lift ticket (it's cross country, not down hill silly!) and, like most things at camp, no fees for equipment!

When can I hit the trails?

Even though it seems like winter can last forever, skiing is only possible as long as we have snow (usually November through February).

Do I check out my gear at the chalet?

You can check out skis, poles, and shoes from the campmasters (camp hosts).

Are lessons provided?

Sorry no, but watch the schedule for occasional clinics. In the mean time you'll want to find a buddy with a good attitude and a sense of adventure. More important, we think you'll get the hang of it quickly!

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Cross Country Skiiing

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Stearns Scout Camp

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