Disc Golf


Disc Golf

Everyone is a member at our club!

Can you toss a frisbee? If the answer is yes than you can try out this cool activity. Like regular golf, you'll play a series of holes (fields) where the goal is to get your disc (frisbee) into the goal (metal basket).

Who can participate?

All kids and adults attending camp can be disc golfers.

Do we need to bring our own clubs?

No clubs necessary! In fact, we've got a supply of discs and course maps for you to check out from our campmaster building at no charge!

When does the Disc Golf season open?

There is no official end to the disc golf season! You can use the course any time that you would like - however it's more popular in the Summer and Fall months.

How do I know if I am a Disc Golf Pro?

For each toss thrown you score a point. As your skills grow it will take you less tosses to get the disc into the basket. It might seem a little silly but the lower the score the higher your 'pro' level.

How old do I have to be to drive the cart?

Sorry, no carts necessary. Our courses are only 9 holes each so you'll be able to walk it easily and be able to enjoy the beauty of camp at the same time. Oh and don't forget your water bottle because we have yet to build a club house!

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Disc Golf

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