Dietary Restrictions and Special Requests

Including Food Allergies

This page covers the dietary restrictions and special requests process for Cub Scout and Scouts BSA resident camps Many Point and Tomahawk, as well as Council ran programs such as Spooky-Ree, Polar Cubs, North Wind, and Snow Base.

Dietary Restrictions

Camp Northern Star can provide substitutes or alternative menus for participants with one of the following dietary restrictions:

  • Peanuts or Tree Nut Allergies
  • Gluten Allergies
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Pork Restrictions (Religious)
  • Vegetarian Preference (not Vegan)

We are not able to provide alternate food for other restrictions; or if a participant has multiple of the restrictions above. However, we will store and serve all food that is brought for participants who have additional dietary restrictions.

When to Contact Camp

For Many Point and Tomahawk, for best service and to help us save on costs, please do notify camp of all your units dietary restrictions via email. Please note if you’d like our Food Service staff to contact you back. For all other camps, please utilize your online registration portal. For each participant, there are fields where you can indicate dietary restrictions. If you’d like to speak to someone for support, please call our customer service line (bottom of webpage) and they can help direct your call.

Notify Many Point Scout Camp of Dietary Requests

Notify Tomahawk Reservation of Dietary Requests

Update Cub Camp Reservations at

Special Requests

Camp Northern Star understands you may need accommodations to better enjoy your stay, such as:

  • Electricity needs in campsites/buildings for CPAP or other medical devices
  • Accommodations for wheelchairs or other disabilities

We strive to provide the needs of our guests, and every camp is different. For best service please contact us directly. If via email, for fastest response please specify which camp and program you’re attending and include details of your request.

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